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The corporate philosophy of LedgerSAP is
simple, the power of the ERP system that
you build your business on should be in your

LedgerSAP gives you a standalone ERP system
that you can load and control on your own server
“box”(the Box). Both the system and the software is Unix

The Linux operating system is updatable
for life, for free , no additional costs.
For those new to Linux , there is a Webmin
interface(making things easy to manage).
But if you are a guru , then strip out the
Webmin , and you can still manage the box
via ssh.

The LedgerSAP is barebones, once its installed
on your “box” , you plug it in to your network
and its managed by a browser off your existing
network , no application software , no patches,
no server lisences , no renewals , its yours.

The best part , its open source , you build it
up to your corporate requirements . Yep , we
don’t tell you (like the big sotware Companies),
you tell us or get your own in-house team to
build further.