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LedgerSAP | Portfolio
A diversified ERP client base each with unique accounting & system needs , we have the necessary ability to tackle most financial problems and solve them before they become a crisis.

LedgerSAP |Startups
Business’s requiring accounting ledger attention from scratch, new accounts , budgets as well an input on keeping the operations on a sound platform.

LedgerSAP | Special Situations
Reviewing and rebuilding internal accounts where inconsistancies between reality and financial reporting exist , including ledger migration.

LedgerSAP |VAT Issues
Tackling tough VAT issues and default surcharges with a view of identifying liabilities which may warrent a reduction where processing has been incorrect.

LedgerSAP | Royalty Issues
Reviewing franchisor/franchisee ledger accounts and where necessary identifying outstanding matters which require resolution or corrections with a view to porting onto LedgerSAP for long term stability and growth.

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